Andaman Abhijan – Pinakir Katha ( 2012)

Andaman Abhijan – Pinakir Katha ( 2012)

The quest for the beyond, the passion for the unknown was very much rooted deeply in Pinaki.

The manuscript of Pinaki Ranjan Chatterjee was left behind, which was later compiled and printed out in 1995, titled ‘Andaman Abhijan’.  It was an account in a diary form of his exciting expedition from Kolkata to Port Blair   (Andaman Islands) in a small ‘dingi’ boat ( 18’ ft), unescorted , rowing over the vast span of Bay of Bengal, along with George Albert Duke in the year 1969 . The chronicle has been recently brought out again with proper supplementary back up , – giving a glimpse of the nature and personality of the rare character, Pinaki .

Language : Bengali

Available at

a) Sea Explorers’ Institute, Outram Ghat, Kolkata – 700021

Phone :  033 2248 7585

b) Das Gupta & Company Private Limited.

54/3, College Street, Kolkata – 700073

Phone – 033 2241 4609 / 6531 / 6479

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