Exploration & Research

Adventurous expeditions

SEI was conceived as an organisation that would fire the youth of the day with the spirit of adventure and trigger in them the passion for perilous voyages across the expanse of the deep blue sea. And in this the institute has more than lived up to its name, with regular sea and river expeditions being part of its most important activities.

Of the voyages it has launched in the 20 years of its existence, several have been unique, recording feats unaccomplished ever before. The rest have been no less outstanding and each expedition has been crowned with success.

Here is a list of SEI’s expeditions.

Below is a slide show of the 2010-2011 High Altitude Trekking and Rafting Expedition (Sikkim):

Research projects

SEI is not just about expeditions and adventure, but also serious attempts to cull a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the marine world. Indeed, the Institute stands as a tribute to man’s earliest links with the sea.

The research projects undertaken by SEI are testimony to its commitment to analyse and sustain the water world.

Cultural events

The Ganga is the lifeline of Bengal.

It is not just a source of sustenance to millions, but also holds a special place in the heart of the religious, provides unending inspiration to the creative-minded and fascinates adventurous explorers. Sadly, none of its countless beneficiaries seem to have noticed that the river is dying. It has suffered a drastic decline in navigability, its water is extremely polluted, its banks are eroding at an alarming rate and yet it remains largely ignored by the people, the policymakers and the centers of power.

A couple of cultural programmes, organized by SEI in the new millennium, aimed to stir us all to action and work for the regeneration of the river.

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