High Altitude Trekking & Rafting Expedition 2014

This is for information of all concerned that 5 (five) young explorers of the Institute will undertake   a  High Altitude Trekking & Rafting Expedition, titled  as ‘Rediscovering River Ganga – 2014’ from  Haridwar to Gomukh  –  Tapavan (Uttarkhand) and back.   The expedition is sponsored by the         Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India .  The Expedition will commence from Kolkata on 8th  October, 2014   and will conclude after return of the participants to Kolkata on  22nd  October,  2014 .

Since the  year 2013,   SEI has been  extensively working on documentation for   an expedition – rafting , rowing, trekking from the source ( Gomukh) to the mouth ( Sunderbans) .  This expedition is titled ‘Rediscovering  River Ganga’ with a view to capture – a) The course of the river;       b) Confluence or Prayag; c) Temples associated with the Ganga and its tributaries; d) Flood plain ecology; e) Different types of boats; f) Pollution of the river; g) Structural interventions .

Leaflet Front - Copy - Copy







Leaflet Inside

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