Kayaking Expedition, 2009-10

Six students of the Institute participated with six kayaks in a Kayaking Expedition from Chandannagar in Hooghly district to Diamond Harbor in South 24-Parganas district and back to Kolkata.

 The team left Chandannagar on 6.3.2010 at 11:00 AM and moved at the downstream direction during ebb tide. On the way to Diamond Harbor, they came across Barrackpore, Konnagar, Belur, Howrah, B. Garden, Akra, Budge Budge, Uluberia, Falta and finally they reached Diamond Harbor. On the way, they had to halt at night at different places by pitching tent on the river bank. Their upstream journey  from Diamond Harbor to Kolkata commenced during high tide. They covered a total distance of 215 kms. (approx.) to complete the expedition and returned to the Institute on 13.3.2010. One motor boat of the Institute accompanied the expedition.

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