Kolkata to Paradeep: Phase I (2007)

Kolkata to Paradeep, Phase I was a rowing and sailing expedition. It was of 22 days, commencing on 31.01.2007.

A team of 8 trainees from the Institute under the leadership of Tapas Chowdhury set sail. The team consisted of Ratnadip Bose , Ashim Mondal , Gora Chand Gazi , Rudra Prasad Nandi , Goutam Kodali , Moloy Kanti Halder , Urmila Samanta/Tapashi Das. The expedition was flagged off by Prof. Anil Sarkar from the Institute.

The team proceeded till Bedford Channel near Lower Long Sand but thunderstorm and cyclonic weather conditions made it impossible to move the boat any further.

The weather report on A.I.R. gave a warning that the weather would remain unstable for the next 72 hours. The team contacted the Institute (SEI)  and received orders to return as the question of safety of the team came foremost. The team turned back on 7th Feb. from 22 degree 51minutes 36 seconds N ; 88degree 06 minutes 06 seconds E  Super Bhanga Island.

They returned on 13th Feb.2007. Even then the weather had not cleared and there was intermittent rainfall.

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