Mountain to Sea: Rafting & Kayaking (2003)

Sikkim – Sagar Island

Rafting on River Tista
Rafting on Teesta River

SEI experimented with rafting for the first time with its ‘Mountain to Sea’ expedition from Sikkim to Sagar in 2003. It was an enchanting as well as educative experience for the team of seven seafarers led by Mr. Tapas Chowdhury.

The voyage was flagged off from Singchutam in Sikkim on March 21st, 2003. Four days of white water rafting in the swirling waters of the Teesta, cradled by lofty mountains, across Singtam, Baradung, Monipal, Mamring, Ranpo, Melli Bazar, Rangit, Kalijhora and Teesta Bazaar brought the team to Coronation Bridge in Siliguri on March 24th. The second phase of the expedition commenced on March 29th, with an added strength of two women – Sushmi Saha and Keka Jana – on the side. Battling the tides on kayaks, the crew voyaged from Farakka past the Feeder Canal into the mainstream of the Bhagirathi. They reached Sagar after rowing past seven districts of West Bengal in 10 days and then journeyed back to the Institute on Outram Ghat, mooring their crafts on April 12th, 2003.

The Department of Sports and Youth Services, Government of West Bengal, provided financial and logistic support for this expedition, which was a joint venture with the Academy of Adventure Sports, Government of West Bengal.

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