Nadir Sange Dekha (28th-30th November, 2003)

Organized jointly by SEI and Vivadi, a premier organization in the field of inland waterways and tourism, Nadir Sange Dekha was a cultural window which envisaged a future when a socio-cultural surge will compel the people and the government to adopt attitude of active concern for the Ganga. It aimed to develop marine awareness among all sections of people including artists, painters, poets, litterateurs, journalists, eminent scholars and the youth on one hand and policy makers on the other. Accordingly, while the then Governor of West Bengal, Mr. Viren J. Shah was the patron-in-chief of the organizing committee set up for the event, filmmaker Mr. Mrinal Sen and notable educationist Ms. Bharati Roy, lit the lamps at the inauguration.

The prime attraction of the festival were a marine pageant, dingee race, long range swimming competition and a marine fair involving all government and corporate sectors engaged in maritime activities. The event was a resounding success with everyone having marine links – from launch operators to the navy, artists to the government – expressing his solidarity to the cause.

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