OCEAN (2009)

The book ‘Ocean’ is an outcome of untiring research undertaken by academics, scientists and practitioners. It not only analyses the marine ecosystem but provides insightful findings, relevant for preparing and managing impending disasters like global warming leading to sea-level rise and sinking islands, and umpteen other threats. Besides, it captures a plethora of other dimensions of Oceans. The book being distinct in terms of its content and extremely contextual in the present world, would undoubtedly serve as a knowledge base for researchers and as a handbook for planners and policy makers of India.

The book divided into eleven chapters deal with every dimension of this fascinating world which occupies two-third of our planet.  The reader will be introduced to the major Oceans of the World, Ocean around India, Oceanic resources, Coastal environment, Uses of Oceans and lastly Impacts of development on the Marine World.

Written by young researcher Ms. Avanti Roy with inputs from experts and edited by Prof. (Dr.) Asish Ghosh, the book is expected to arouse interests amongst the readers to delve into the depth for exploring the mysterious World of Oceans.

Printed in art paper, profusely illustrated, the hard bound publication (256 pp) is available from ‘Sea Explorers Institute’, Outram Ghat, Kolkata or from book sellers (Price Rs.200/-).

To order a copy of the resulting publication, please leave a message below.

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