Rowing and Sailing Expedition, 2009-10 – Vizag to Chennai

The Rowing & Sailing expedition from Visakhapatnam to Chennai commenced on the     15th January,2010. Six explorers of the Institute and one Navy personnel participated in it. The boat ‘Indira’ which is a 27’ long and 6’ wide open boat, was used for this expedition. The six explorers of the Institute left Kolkata by train on the 9th January, 2010 and reached Visakhapatnam on 10.01.2010 morning. The officials of Hqrs. Eastern Naval Command, Visakhapatnam kindly arranged to receive them at the station and gave  them shelter at the Naval Headquarters there.

After completing all necessary arrangements, the explorers started from Vizag on                  15th January, 2010 at 9:20 am after Commodore J.V.Babu, Commanding Officer, flagged off. The explorers moved ahead by rowing with the target of reaching Chennai covering a distance of about 730 km. by the sea.

They went on rowing throughout the day and moved on even at night with the aid of Compass, GPS and Map. On the way, they gradually came across Kakinda Bay, the confluence of Godavari and Krishna rivers, Machilipatnam, Nizampattanam Bay. The day temperature was very high and all of them felt very thirsty. But the stock of drinking water with them had considerably been reduced. The day after leaving Nizam Pattanam Bay, they came across a fishing boat on the sea. The explorers procured drinking water from them in exchange of some dry food. Shortly after they passed by Nizam pattanam Bay, the wind started blowing hard from the easterly direction and gradually became very strong. The waves  dashed against the port-board side beam of the boat and the swelling water poured into the boat. The explorers on the boat had to struggle continuously against the high-rising waves. After they crossed Sriharikota, it became dark, making it more troublesome to fight against waves in darkness. On the next morning at about 10:00 am, they reached near Ennur Port. The sky was cast with cloud, it was drizzling and the wind was blowing strong . For safety they took shelter in the Ennur Port.

On the next day, they left Ennur Port at 6:00 O’clock in the morning . Chennai Port was not far away. The weather was favourable. They reached safely at the Chennai Port on the                 25th January, 2010. Lt. Commander Srikant V. of the Navy extended warm welcome to them .

The Rowing / Sailing expedition thus came to an end.

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