Rowing and Sailing Programme for the physically challenged youth on River Ganga

Rowing and Sailing Programme for the physically challenged youth on River   Ganga


The main objective is to motivate the physically challenged youth and encourage them to undertake such activities by building up their self-confidence and imbibing  an “ we can also do it” attitude amongst them and thereby make them realize that they are in no way inferior to other normal human beings.



We were encouraged in this venture with active support and cooperation by the Principal of  ITI for Physically Challenged Boys & Girls, Kolkata who deputed 8 candidates for this training. We imparted the training to these 8 candidates along with 3 other external physically challenged candidates.   All these candidates had some  disability or the other in various forms, such as, in the right upper limb or left upper limb, both upper and lower limbs,  hearing and speech, deaf and dumb.




Notwithstanding their physical disability, these candidates were very enthusiastic in undergoing the training and attended the classes regularly of  rowing in tidal waters, life-saving techniques, first aid, rope work, out board motor handling etc.


In fact, they even went on a full-day voyage from Kolkata to Dakshineshwar and back and were totally self-dependent in tugging the boats, cooking, rowing fearlessly in tidal waters etc. and enjoyed every bit of  it but the thought of  their physical disability never bothered them even for a moment.


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