Rowing & Sailing Expedition 2010-2011

Seven young boys , all of them trained at the Sea explorers’ Institute, sailed off for a 12-day voyage, under the mid-day sun on an otherwise coldish day of December 2010. The brief Flag-off ceremony was attended by Dr. Ashish Ghosh, Debajyoti Dutta, Subrata Dutta and Nabinananda Sen along with the trainers, present students and trainees and the staff of the Sea Explorers’ Institute. The Rowing and Sailing Expedition was flagged-off at 1:00 pm on 22nd December, by Dr. Ghosh from the Outram Ghat, Kolkata where the Institute stands .

The voyagers will finally reach Jambu Dweep and the Mahishani Island in the Bay of Bengal, after anchoring on the way at suitable spots near Uluberia, Phalta, Diamond Harbour, Kulpi, Hardwood Point.

Apart from exploring the beauty and the challenges of sailing through the river Hooghly into the Bay of Bengal, the voyagers will also collect relevant data on the some environmental parameters and socio-economic aspects of Jambu Dweep and Mahishani Island .

The sailed off amid cheers and enthusiasm expressed by all of those who are present at the flag-off ceremony . Now is a 12-day wait for the voyagers to return with flying colors after the successful expedition.

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