Sikkim Rafting Expedition (2006)

A 10-day expedition was held from 27.10.2006 to 5th Nov. 2006 .

The number of  participants were 8  students from the Institute. The destination was Sikip ( Sikkim ) to Coronation Bridge .

The expedition was flagged off by C. Lhamu (M.L.A.)  and flagged in by Ajit Das Deputy Ranger Forest Salugure, Jalpaiguri, W.Bengal.The expedition members included Rudra Prasad Nandi , Rajib Dutta , Santu Kanta Podder, Urmila Samanta , Sudipta Pal, Milan Kumar Nandi, Ratnadip Bose & Tapas Chowdhury.

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  1. Sir , October 2006 – march 2007 th ka batch civil or NDRF joint batch is online nothing show your website, no any photo & no any member details,
    So please inform me where and who do search your website and known our details

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