Workshop on Water Management (2004)

As far as its share of the global water resources is concerned, India is regarded as a better endowed country, with an annual precipitation of about 4,000 billion cubic metres and 4 per cent of the total average annual runoff in the rivers if the world.

Despite the rich endowment, however, per capita availability of water in the country is on the decline, the figures registering an alarming drop from 5,177 cubic metres in 1951 to only 1,869 in 2001. Worse still, this is projected to drop further to below 1,000 cubic metres by 2025, when the countrywide situation would be considered as one of water scarcity.

The one-day Workshop on Water Management addressed this problem from a multitude of aspects including economic incentives for the sustainable use of water, water-shed management, water management through awareness, pollution control and aforestation and the questionable proposal of the interlinking of rivers throughout the country.

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