Water Quality Monitoring of 8 Urban Water Bodies in Kolkata

This is an ongoing research project at SEI. The water bodies being covered are those in or around Kolkata, India. They are –

  1. Subhas Sarovar
  2. Rabindra Sarovar
  3. Manohar Das Talab
  4. Pond at Eden Gardens
  5. Ponds at Victoria Memorial
  6. Pond at College Square
  7. Pond at Santosh Mitra Square
  8. Pond at Nature Park (Budge Budge)

Physical, chemical and biological parameters are being tested to determine the following :-

  • Water Quality
  • Level of Degradation
  • Remedial Measures for Sustenance

Some of the parameters that are being tested include pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Hardness, Salinity, Nitrate-Nitrogen, Nitrite Nitrogen, Total Alkinity, Phosphate-phosphorous, Total Iron, Sulphate, Biological Oxygen Demand, Coliform Bacteria.

A scientific Sampling method is followed.

The Water Quality Monitoring Report for Subhas Sarovar near Beliaghata, Kolkata is ready. To ask for a copy, write to SEI or leave a comment.

4 Replies to “Water Quality Monitoring of 8 Urban Water Bodies in Kolkata”

  1. need water quality, degradatin, measures of
    1. subhas sarovar
    2. pond of eden gardens
    3. ponds at victoria memorial
    for my ENVS project as soon as possibe

  2. you may please visit us our campus Sea Explorers’ Institute, Outram Ghat,Kolkata-700021 (Adjacent to River Traffic Police Office).

  3. Please send me your report,as I will be needing it for my school.project

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