Results : Sit & Draw Competition

Sit and Draw Competition
Saturday, February 12, 2011 at the Millennium Park, Kolkata.

  • Group – ‘A’ 1ST PRIZE, – Swastik Jana
  • Group – ‘A’ 2ND PRIZE, – Rajib Nandy
  • Group – ‘A’ 3RD PRIZE, – Rupsa Sengupta
  • Group – ‘B’ 1ST PRIZE, – Rojannya Banerjee
  • Group – ‘B’ 2ND PRIZE, – Shreya Singh
  • Group – ‘B’ 3RD PRIZE, – Asmita Ghosh

Sit & Draw Programme

Sea Explorers’ Institute, Kolkata has organized holding of a Sit & Draw programme on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at the Millennium Park, Kolkata. The programme will be held from 2:00 to 4:00 PM in which school students of age group from 12 to 14 years , will participate. That theme of programme is on the river ‘Ganga’

Donate and Own An Original Painting

Nadir Shonge Dekha organised a special workshop with Artists of Bengal in December 2008. In this as a humble gesture known art professionals donated their works to SEI for fundraising. You can now donate to the Institute and in return own a painting. Authentication Certificates can also be provided on demand. Your donations will be subject to tax exemption as per the Income Tax Laws.

Why wait, choose any from the paintings below

Atanu Basu- ReflectionsAnupam- Krishna

Flash Back- Manimala Dey BasuShankar S -Horizon

Shantanu Bose- LightSumitava Maity - Frozen

Tanmay Roy Chowdhury- WomanShyamal Kumar Gayen- Owl

Sankari -Nature's LadyPayal Sarkar-Cheers