Coast Zone Management of West Bengal (1989)

The coastal zone of West Bengal – a part of the complex Ganga-Brahmaputra estuarine system – supports a wide spectrum livelihood-seeking activities. These include maritime forestry, agriculture, port-based industry, tourism and the like. However, indiscriminate denudation of forests, unscientific land reclamation, unplanned land use, heavy discharge of pollutants, over-use of the water resources, and above all, natural disasters have served to wreak havoc on the eco-balance and mushroomed into a crisis of overwhelming proportions.

The All India Workshop on Coast Zone Management of West Bengal was held on 14-16 December, 1989.

It was sponsored by the Department of Ocean Development, Government of India, and organized by SEI in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of West Bengal, aimed to provide a forum for all those deeply concerned.

coast-zone-mgtDiscussion and deliberation over a matrix of topics ranging from fishery, forestry and eco-culture to disaster management and agriculture underlined the magnitude of the problem and indicated avenues for its solution.

Dealing with some critical matters related to estuarine and coastal environment in West Bengal, this  book emphasizes the need to draw up an action plan for coast zone management.

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