Geochemical Studies of the Hooghly Estuary

Geochemical Studies of the Hooghly Estuary up to Lower Long Stand (1988-91)

Like many of the largest metros of the world – London, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo – Calcutta too has developed on the peripheries of estuarine environment.

The City of Joy supports a wide spectrum of industries along with a teeming human population, the entire range of which largely uses the Hooghly estuary as a waste disposal ‘sink’.

Hence, this study of the geochemical characteristics of the Hooghly estuary was a valuable contribution to the existing volume of ecological research and environmental analysis. The project was sanctioned by the Department of Ocean Development, Government of India, and undertaken in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry, Jadavpur University, Department of Geology, Calcutta University, Port Trust Authority, Calcutta and the Indian Navy.

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