Sheuli Boat

Sea Explorers Institute Kolkata along with J.Y.S Foundation of Jagacha, Howrah is about to complete the voyage undertaken from Jiaganj P.S. Murshidabad to SEI Ghat on 7th. December.The voyage was organized in memory of Late Dr. Sheuli Chatterjee Secretary General of Sea Explorers’ Institute .

The boat has been fabricated with straw and hogla leaves keeping in mind environment friendly with re-cycleable material for sustainability and is aptly named “SHEULI”.

The 11 voyagers will be reaching our SEI ghat on 4th December at 2 PM. Our President Prof. Saugata Roy Honb’le MP has consented to welcome the voyagers.

We request your presence to felicitate the voyagers and encourage them to embark on similar voyages in future.

Dipankar Ghosh

Secretary –

Sea Explorers Institute

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