Environmental Analyst Course

Name of Course :  Environmental Analyst

Affiliation : Approved By Technical Education & Training Department , Government of West Bengal

The Course: Protection of our environment in recent decades has become the topmost priority of the Government. A number of laws have been passed to this effect and a clearance from the concerned Ministry is now a prerequisite to set up any new industry or implement any new development project. It is also required to assess the environmental impacts of the industry/developmental project and take necessary remedial measures. However at present, there is a dearth of qualified environmental experts. A total of 39 batches have passed out from the Institute till now. The Institute provides job assistance to the students who complete the training successfully. This course has been approved by the Technical Education Department of Government of West Bengal.

Course Objective: The course endeavors to provide Environmental Experts (analysts) to upcoming and existing industries, laboratories and other organizations engaged in analyzing and monitoring environment with trained environmental analysts.

Course Background : The Environment Analyst Course offered by SEI is totally job-oriented. The course is 75% practical in the river/sea and 25% theory.  Apart from theoretical classes by distinguished faculties, special emphasis is laid on practical classes. Moreover students get the benefit of industry visits so as to expose them to the practical world. Students also participate in seminars and live projects conducted by the Institute for hands – on training . As a result, upon completing the course, our graduates get placed from the campus itself.

Course Break-Up:

A. Theory ::

  • Environmental Conservation and Management
  • Environmental Pollution/Degradation concept & categories.
  • Air Pollution – sources & parameters
  • Water Pollution – sources & parameters
  • Land & Soil – Pollution/Degradation
  • Concepts of Microbiology
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Fundamental concepts & techniques of Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental Ethics, Environmental Calendar, Environmental Law
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

B.  Laboratory And Field Work::

  • Qualitative Analysis with Confirmatory test.
  • Gravimetric Methods
  • Titrimetric Methods
  • Instrumental Techniques
  • Microbiology
  • Sample Collection (Water & Soil)

Duration : 6 months  (720 hours) – 5 days a week.

Download Admission Form: Environmental course-admission-form

Eligibility  : Science graduate with Chemistry as one of the subject . Chemistry subject is 10+2 is essential .

Total Seats : 14 nos

Course Fee :  Rs. 10,550 /– only ( Rupees Ten Thousand Five Hundred Fifty )

[ Form Fee Rs. 50/- + Course Fee Rs. 7,500/- + Contingency ( for full term rs. Rs. 2,000/-) + Examination Fee Rs. 500/- + Security Deposit Rs. 500/- ( refundable) ]

Course Session :  Twice a year April & November

Course Updates :

Student Assessment Programme :  Assessment of trainees is conducted at regular intervals. The trainees undergo several internal assessments during their training and the final examination is conducted by the Technical Education Department, Government of West Bengal. Certificates are awarded after successful completion of the course, by the Technical Education Department, Government of West Bengal.

Facilities Available:

  • A congenial river – front ambiance of the Institute
  • Well equipped laboratory
  • Extra – mural facilities for conducting outdoor sampling of river water with the Institute’s own marine vessels and crew
  • A resourceful Library
  • Lectures with audio – visual teaching aid by renowned faculties
  • Exclusive attention to individual students by the faculty and the administration.
  • Assistance for suitable placement

Interested persons may be contact :

  • Mr. Debashis Chatterjee , Course-in-Charge ( Environment)  9038808389
  • Mr. Rudra Prasad Nandi , 94334 34301
  • SEI WHATSAPP & HIKE 8961814084

The Institute:  Sea Explorers’ Institute is a nonprofit making NGO established in 1987, supported by Govt. of West Bengal and recognized by Govt. of India. The institute is the only one of its kinds in the country and is pioneer in the field of sea and river exploration. It also promotes adventure sports. It is recognized by the Government of India and financed by the State and Central Government. The Institute undertakes different training programs on sea/marine oriented activities. Since 1995, Sea Explorers’ Institute has been successfully conducting a 6-month course viz. “Environmental Analyst” which is approved by the Technical Education Department of the Government of West Bengal.

Our Students are inducted :

West Bengal Pollution Control Board, Ghosh Bose Associates, Bharat Foundation, Kolkata,Ion Exchange, Kolkata; Centre for Man and Environment, Salt Lake ; Wetland Management & Ecological Design, Salt Lake; Mitra S. K.  Kolkata;  Envirotech, Kolkata; Envirocheck, Kolkata; Superintendence India Pvt. Ltd.; Bells Canadian Water Pvt. Ltd.; Tata Institute of Foundation Research, Bombay; South Eastern Railway, Kharagpur; Mukherjee Laboratory, Kolkata; P. C. Chandra & Sons, Kolkata; Titagarh Steels and Paper Mill, Kolkata; Pharmaceutical Company, Kolkata; Haneman Laboratory, Titagarh;  Scientist in 3-Star Hotel, Goa; Scientific Research, Kolkata ;Bansal Group of Industries, Howrah ; Water Works in Kamarhati Municipality ; Water Works in Gardenreach Municipality; Das and Associates, Kolkata; Pollution Anlyser, Kolkata; Public Health Engineering (Govt. of West Bengal);Central Pollution Control Board (Govt. of India); Wooani hygiene (Pvt.) Ltd.; Scientific Research Ltd.; Patron Civil Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.; Lab. Analytics;Food Corporation India;Zeolite India (Pvt.) Ltd.; R. V.  Briggs; Diach Chemicals and pigments Pvt. Ltd.; Indicative Consultant India; N.D. International; Emami Limited; Eskag Pharma; Metro Dairy Limited; Himadri Chemicals Limited; Brahmaputra Mineral Water Pvt. Ltd.;Ma kamakhya foods and beverage ; Prayag Infotech Hirise Ltd.; Sikkim Govt. Food Preservation Factory; Bhaskar Steel and Ferro Alloy Ltd.; Pepsico International Limited; Suguna Foods Ltd.;Shalimar Pallets Feeds Ltd.;Diamond Beverage; Institute of Applied Quality Management (IAQM) ; Holy Cross Research Laboratory; Water lite Mineral Water Pvt. Ltd. ; S. M. Scientific Service; Purwanchal Food and Beverages; Allied Consultant; Toshniwal Beverage Pvt. Ltd.; Uma Aqua Mineral Industry; Del Agua Health, India; National Environmental Engineering Research Institute

Awards :

Bhuban Mohan Ghosh Smiriti  Puroskar

Sl. no.  Name of the Recipient                    Batch no.   Year

1.              Miss Monalisa Gangopadhyay           35          2016

2.              Mr. Shibnath Roy                                       34         2015

3.             Mrs. Jayasree Jana                                     33       2014

4.             Mr.  Sangram Sen                                        29      2013

5.             Mr.  Pinaki Samanta                                   28      2012

6.            Mr.  Kartick Samanta                                  25      2010

7.            Miss.  Srishti Jaiswal                                    23     2009

8.            Miss.  Aishi Sengupta                                03     2008

Projects :

  1. Water quality analysis of Tolly Nullah during Post Monsoon  [ December,  2014 ]
  2. Comparative Study of Rabindra Sarobar & Subhas Sarobar during monsoon  [ September, 2013 ]
  3. Water quality analysis of Tolly Nullah during Monsoon  [ September, 2012 ]
  4. Water quality analysis of Tolly Nullah during Post Monsoon   [ January,  2011 ]
  5. Water quality analysis of Eden Garden during Post Monsoon   [ November, 2009 ]
  6. Water quality analysis of Rivers of Sunderban   [ September, 2009 ]
  7. Water quality analysis of Rabindra Sarabor during Pre-Monsoon  [ April,   2009 ]
  8. Water quality analysis of Tolly Nullah during Post Monsoon  [ September, 2008 ]

Course Activities :







Seminar on Dying Rivers of Bengal (2007)

Rivers of Bengal are dying for reasons both natural and man-made.

Eminent Earth Scientists, Hydrologists, Geographers, Sociologists, Engineers and other stakeholders delineated and discussed the present status, addressed the problems and attempted to search solution through interaction during the seminar.

The theme paper was presented by Dr Kalyan Rudra, who highlighted the impending crisis to be faced globally as well as in India for dearth of water.

Seminar on Erosion of the Banks of River Ganga (2006)

Over the last few decades, the banks of the Ganga have been eroding at an alarming rate. Such erosion has had devastating effect on the lives and prosperity of a variety of people.

This seminar, held on 4 March, 2006,  looked back at this major problem through a thorough and rigorous discussion and analysis with video documentation involving distinguished river scientists, victims of erosion and others who felt seriously concerned.