Trekking in the Himalayas: Uttarkashi to Gangotri (2008)

A trekking expedition was undertaken by a team of 12 which included 10 men and 2 daring women towards Gangotri located at an altitude of 10300’ and reached there on 19.09.2008 in the afternoon.

They stayed at Gangotri for the next day (20.09.2008) to get themselves acclimatized with the climate. They were scheduled to start trekking on 21.09.2008 from Gangotri to reach Gomukh which is at an altitude of 12765’ ,  covering a distance of 36 kilometers for the upward trekking and back to Gangotri.

The weather suddenly became extremely foul on 21.09.2008 and the trekking route at such a high altitude was blocked due to land slide at different places. Consequently, they were constrained to halt at Gangotri on 21.09.2008. On 22.09.2008, the weather condition somewhat improved and they proceeded by trekking from Gangotri to Bhujbasa and pitched tent there. It was extremely cold specially due to the heavy shower on the previous day.

They moved from Bhujbasa to Gomukh on 23.09.2008 covering a distance of 4 Kilometers upto Gomukh and returned to Bhujbasa on that day.

It was difficult to trek along the route from Bhujbasa to Gomukh because there is no distinct path to follow and quite a substantial part of it is covered with huge boulders. One had to jump from one boulder to the other to reach the spot where from Gomukh was visible. They could see the snow peaks around.

They then came down from Bhujbasa to Gangotri on 24.09.2008 and halted for the night. They moved on the next day to Uttarkashi and had to halt for the day to complete some residual work. They left Uttarkashi on 26.09.2008 and reached Rishikesh the same day. The trekking expedition thus came to an end with success.

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