Workshops & Seminars in 2009

We have begun conducting a series of workshops/seminars on the Condition of rivers in Bengal.

The 4th lecture of this series was held on 7th August, 2009 at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.

Professor Sunil Munshi, an 88 year old veteran on the river motivated the large gathering through his talk. The lecture emphasised on the relation between civilisation and the river and how for the sustenance of the former, it was necessary to maintain the rivers. He drew attention towards the changing courses of the Padma and the Bhagirathi and regarded this as a natural phenomenon. He opined that man should learn to live with small floods to avoid disastrous big floods. He also spoke about the failure of the big dam theory and the multipurpose river valley projects in accomplishing their objectives, of the extinction of the Gangetic Dolphins and the Gharials in the Padma. The urgent need to conserve the river, to stop usage of the river as a drainage and sewerage tank was repeatedly harped upon. He urged Sea Explorers’ Institute to play the role of a catalyst to change mindset of people and thanked it for encouraging thinking on the river.

Very insightful details on what should be the right strategy to conserve water was given by Dr Kalyan Rudra and Dr K.K.Bandopadhyay who were part of the panel. A large number of college and university students and NGO activists were present to make the interactive sessions a good learning for all.

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